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Baljit Ghuman is a Canadian author and speaker. A man of courage and perseverance with deep interests in writing free style poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

His writing which explores themes of healing, inspiration, serving others, leadership and social justice acts as a means of reclaiming identity and defining individuality. Baljit strongly believes in "inspiring through literature".

Born in Punjab (India), he arrived in Canada during his mid teen years. He lives near Toronto with his family.

Baljit have dedicated last two decades playing key roles in creating awareness around the issues faced by communities with focus on disability and minority rights. He achieved this through community activism, radio broadcasting and writing for newspapers. He has prepared and presented policy level presentations to various government ministries, tribunals, provincial committees, and regional police force committees.

Baljit is an Autism and Mental Health advocate. He is founder of Sikhs For Autism. 

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